I think this is the hardest thing to think of being a creative, finding inspiration and a vision that aligns with your own and having the courage to go and do something that may or may not get a good response. 

Content, to me, is something that you create, it's something that is uniquely yours. Branding is similar in the fact that your content should be cohesive, your aesthetic choices, color, composition, form, style, all play a role in creating brand content. I like to think of it as a manifestation of a piece of art, like if you drew something you should be able to put it out into the world and feel confident people could tell that you made it because it screams you. 

Honestly I just like to have fun, and I like the process of going out and getting a look together, getting coffee with my boyfriend and roaming around the city until I find a place that stands out to me. It's become more experimental and more ritualistic at the same time. I think that the most important thing is to not take yourself so seriously, trying not to get frustrated when you're going through a mental block is much easier said than done. However, I've found that being with the right person/ people and surrounding yourself with creativity, in addition to having a good time always yields good results. 

Just go and make something, if you like it that's all that should matter. The most important thing an art teacher ever told me was to believe in the work you made even if you didn't understand it. So have a vision, try to step outside your comfort zone here and there and I promise you will end up creating something beautiful, because once its out there it will reverb and you will grow so much, not only as a creative getting feedback, but as a human. 




Today's world poses new problems, unlike anything we have ever encountered in society. Social media and the use of the internet is something that is and can be beneficial to people for marketing and information, some people like myself choose to play more with the experimental side of social marketing and branding. That being said, I think it's important to have balance in your life in everything that you do. 

I try to decompress from looking at the screen for at least a couple hours each day, I've found that it helps me to think more critically and creatively not being constantly surrounded by, and soaking in, other content. It reminds me of my humanity and strives me to be more proactive in doing things outside the realm of the internet.

 I think that more often than not I forget that self care is critical in a demanding society. I know through having a job using social media, I am constantly on my phone or computer. I would be a lot more agitated if I didn't take time to go to the gym, simply just to get away from things and clear my head. Plus, it gets boring sitting on your phone all day, no one wants that. You need to keep the appreciation for whatever it is you choose to extend your energy on, that requires a break.

Distance is good when it comes to technology, it's so imperative that we use it for school, writing papers, research, jobs, and entertainment, it's easy to get sucked into a world that keeps you constantly plugged in. Staying off the grid, to me, is more of a mental rest period, take some time to yourself, get some coffee, get together with a friend, call someone you haven't spoken to and tell them you miss them.  

Don't become a robot. 


        N E U T R A L  N E E D S  

I think more so than any other color in any wardrobe, black and browns are the most sophisticated colors.

Everyone should own a good base of neutral colors, simply because the possibility of adding to the pieces will be so effortless. Blacks and grey's go with almost anything. Plus layering is so in right now, the more clothes you can add to your look the more interesting it can become. 

I am a big fan of saving money especially since I have to put myself through school. So anytime you can save a dollar whether it be by shopping a sale or going to goodwill and repurposing or completely reconstructing a garment, I highly encourage experimentation. 

Finding your own style is something that can and will come naturally to you, with time of course, everyone is born with an aesthetic vision that is uniquely perfect. I'm strongly inspired by modernity as well as streetwear and the hand-craft aspect of printmaking. 

I'm currently in the process of starting to make and print my own designs as well as making my own clothes. It's something I've always been interested in since I was allowed to take it in high school. I can't wait to produce more things and share them with you all. 




In with the old, I've come to learn that no matter where you live, if you have an adventurous mindset you will always find new places. I've lived in Louisville  my entire life and I swear not only do I find new things about this city everyday, new places are always popping up. I'm constantly inspired by the ever-changing nature of cities. 

Believe me that is not me saying you should stay in the same place your entire life by any means, it's simply just a solace to people who feel that there is nothing new in a place where they've done and seen everything. You could live in a place your whole life and still not see everything it has to offer. Fortunately, I've found that's the case in Louisville, which inspires and allows for me to be creative even when I feel I've seen it all, a new place pops up. Honestly, that's just a life lesson, it's all in perspective, if you step outside your perspective there are things waiting to be found. It really is all in how you allow your perspective to influence your life and that goes beyond just taking photos or creating content. 

I also think that often people get caught up in the lush life, seeing lavish things on Instagram and feeling that their current situation is sub-par. I'm here to tell you as long as your photos, art, videos, really anything you make is interesting you will get a good response. Believe me I could not understand that situation more, being a college student is hard, but you don't need money to be creative. Chances are the majority of people aren't getting a thousand dollar steak dinner at any given night, while that is nice and it may look good, you have to make the best out of what you have. Also, a brush of reality is always a good thing, many of us are never satisfied with what we have but when we actually think about ourselves in others shoes we find that we have more than we need, even in the worst situations. Make the best out of it.