Michael Jared

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Location Currently

Louisville, KY



Hite Art Institute



I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. I have studied art and design since I was in sixth grade. My background lies in traditional illustration and design.

I work now as a student at the University of Louisville studying to get my BFA in Graphic Design.

When I’m not in school I’m volunteering for local LGBTQ events and taking photos for my (almost) too neutral instagram feed.

Type 2 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome



Design Philosophy

It has to be functional.


I really believe that Design is an extension of personality, I think that the practices of design should be conducted with sustainability in mind as well as equality.

Design has the power to change how we navigate through the twenty first century, the problem is how do we adapt and allow for technology and design to integrate into our society rather than society reforming to technology?

The answer is human based design practices, as well as awareness for user experience and socio-environmental impact that design can have on people and their ecosystems. I hope to design not only for aesthetics, but to solve problems, to propose solutions that can actually make life better for people and to improve function.

I want to help bridge the gap of accessibility by approaching design for human experience when proposing design solutions. I hope to learn as much as I can to be the best version of myself, physically and conceptually, to be humble above anything else and never allow my singular perspective to limit my design capabilities or accessibility.